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Ex-wife of former millionaire CEO sued over divorce settlement

The ex-wife of a former millionaire CEO is facing legal trouble surrounding the settlement she received after divorcing her ex-husband. While everything may have seemed okay after the divorce settlement, trustees of the company the ex-husband used to lead say that the man paid his ex-wife using money that he stole from the company.

The trustees are now suing the woman for $2.9 million, as well as asking the court to disallow bankruptcy court claims of $2.4 million from the woman. Reports say the man is accused of stealing more than $200 million from his clients through the firm he ran. Now, the man is facing charges, and his ex-wife may be forced to pay back payments she was supposed to receive through the property division in her divorce settlement.

While property division might seem like an easy thing during a divorce, if half of the property might go to each spouse, but it can often be much more complex, especially during high-asset divorces. In this case, the husband is accused of criminal activity that directly related to the couple's property. It's unclear from reports if the woman knew were the money was coming from, but now she must work to defend the money she has received.

Property division cases such as this one can be extremely complex and require much knowledge of the law. When a large sum of money is involved in a divorce, it is more likely that the couple already has legal arrangements in place that could protect certain assets during a divorce. Although there might be legal contracts in place, an experienced attorney can help a person make sure they receive a fair divorce settlement.

Source: Thomson Reuters News & Insight, "Peregrine Financial's ex-CEO's ex-wife sued over divorce money," Ann Saphir, Jan. 28, 2013

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