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Father, daughter reunited after illegal adoption

Custody battles can be very sensitive issues. They can be even more difficult when a third party is involved. A man recently received custody of his daughter after finding out she was adopted without his permission after he moved to another state for the military. The man was transferred to be a drill sergeant, and expected that his pregnant wife would follow in the coming months.

After he moved the woman became estranged to him, and never informed him about what was happening with the daughter the two were expecting. The woman reportedly gave birth and put the baby up for adoption when she was adopted by a couple in a different state without the father's permission.

Shortly after the daughter's birth, the father found out what his estranged wife had done, and started seeking custody. A judge ruled last month that the adoption agency acted carelessly and the adoption was illegal because it completely disregarded the father's right to custody. The judge ordered the daughter be returned to her father and she is now 23 months old.

Although the father might be thankful for the judge's ruling, the man's rights should have never been violated. When a parent is at risk of losing their child, they might be wise to speak with an experienced family law attorney who can help address child custody issues. Child custody issues can be extremely sensitive so it is important that attorneys rigorously pursue the right child custody agreement while understanding the sensitive matters involved.

Source: NY Daily News, "'I got my daughter back': South Carolina military dad reunited with daughter who was put up for adoption without his consent," Erik Ortiz, Jan. 27, 2013

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